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CrossFit Sebring

Don't Wish for it.....EARN IT!!



Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a HLTH-NUT! Coming from a big Italian family focused on pasta and bread, I knew life better include a workout plan! I became a gym manager at age18 and opened my own gym, BusyBODIES a few years later. I've had the time of my life doing what I love! As I enter my 34th year as an Owner/Trainer, my blessings of health, wealth of relationships, and knowledge, keep me excited as I cruise through my 50's. (YIKES!) My background and desire to continually learn, has allowed me the opportunity to train Air Force Cadets, Police Academy recruits, and develop a collegiate basketball strength program as Asst. Coach. I was introduced to CrossFit by a childhood friend, tried my first class and absorbed the brevity and intensity immediately. This is what I wanted to bring to my little town! Became the first CF affiliate within 100 miles of Sebring in 2010 and hope to continue to set the trend for years to come.

Your gym should specialize in technique, safety and constant energy. Anyone who enters should feel welcome and driven. I appreciate the fact CF allows small groups to feel individual, without the price tag of a PT session. This opens the door for those with desire, but a limited fitness-budget. Of course, the one-on-one training is a component everyone should invest in. What's more important than YOUR mind-body health? To know your trainer is focused on ONLY you and will push you to be your own GOAT! (Greatest Of All Time) is elating!

My husband Jeff and I got married in Jackson Hole, WY in 1995 and just celebrated 25 years. We are proud of both our sons, Grey and Gus, who chose to serve our country as United States Marine and Coast Guard members. We split residency between Florida and Montana where we own and operate a small Fitness/Fishing/Hunting Resort in the Rocky Mountains. If you're looking for additional adventure, check out Flatpenny Inn, specializing in hiking, rafting, fly fishing, wine drinking, campfires and Mediterranean meals...and flat out FUN!


NAUTILUS Sports Medicine Cert. 1984

NDEITA Cert. 1986

ACE Certified

AFAA Certified

CrossFit L1 Trainer: 2010 - Atlanta, GA

CrossFit L1 Trainer 2015 - Tarpon Springs, FL

CrossFit Open Scoring Trainer: 2013, 2014

CrossFit Movement & Mobility Certification - Las Vegas, NV 2014

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